For the most current COVID-19 updates, please refer to Ravalli County's official website: Ravalli County, MT.-Official Website


With schools across the state being closed, we realize that this will leave many student-athletes without a place to recover and train from their sport injury.  As healthcare providers, we will remain open to accommodate our patient’s needs for physical therapy. Our clinic is well equipped to handle the needs of athletes, and our physical therapists are adept at treating athletic injuries. Most commercial insurances participate in Direct Access to Physical Therapy, which means you don’t need a prescription from a doctor to be seen.  If you are not able or not wanting to venture out in public we understand. That is why we offer TELEHEALTH. You can connect and perform your physical therapy with our expert physical therapists from the comfort of your home. This will allow you to continue moving forward with your goals and achieve results. Most private insurances cover telehealth and our patients are finding it very beneficial.  If you are unsure if your insurance covers telehealth, leave that to us and we will do our best to find out for you. Don’t wait, give us a call 363-2494 and FEEL THE DIFFERENCE.


Everyone at Catalyst Physical Therapy wants to thank you for your continued support.  During these uncertain and scary times we want to continue putting out positive energy into the world.  Our top priority has always been, and will continue to be, your safety and health, both mental and physical.  As many of you know we are keeping our doors open for the essential in-house visits and are providing tele-health visits for those not wanting to venture out into the public as well as those that fall in the high-risk population.  


Although we have been directed to stay home by Governor Bullock until April 24th, this does not mean you should put your health on the back burner.  This is not a time to neglect your health, it is actually the perfect opportunity to invest in your mental and physical well-being. Catalyst wants to make sure you are doing something everyday (whether big or small) to take care of yourself.


Now is the time to stay focused on your overall health so your body can stay resilient in fighting off illness. To boost your immune system, stay active everyday.  Here are a few tips to help.

  1. Get outside.  Go for a walk, go on a bike ride, go for a fun run.  Direct sunlight is our body's main source of vitamin D, which has been known to help with fighting off illness.

  2. Meditate.  This can clear our heads of all the uncertainty of the future.  Set aside a designated time to reflect on what is important to you.  This will help to ease your stress, lower blood pressure and allow you to feel some sense of control. 

  3. Focus on the wonder of human movement.  This might include virtual Yoga or a Barre class, in-home workout or stretching.  Or try something completely out of your comfort zone. Whatever you enjoy for movement will help you feel better mentally and physically.  

  4. Make sure you are getting enough sleep.   

  5. Drink plenty of water and even more if you are exercising.  Staying hydrated will help your body stay healthy, happy and prevent sickness.  

  6. Eat as cleanly as possible.  Cook with fresh ingredients and avoid processed foods.  Now is the perfect time to learn to cook something new.


Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Stay Active.


~ The Catalyst Physical Therapy Crew 

03/31/2020: Now Offering Tele-Health


Virtual visits now covered by most major insurances, including Medicare.


Catalyst is widely aware of the growing concerns surrounding Covid-19.  While our clinic is taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our clients and our team, we understand that some of you might not want to venture out in public.  




Catalyst’s mission has always encompassed putting the health and safety of our patients, employees and community above all else. We believe it is our responsibility to do our part in minimizing exposure for our community and support and practice social/physical distancing during this critical time. We also recognize that physical therapy is an important service to continue to provide. Tele-health allows us to accomplish both.  


What is Tele-health for YOU? Our physical therapists will provide services/information through electronic technologies allowing for continued patient and clinician contact, care, advice, education, intervention and treatment. Catalyst is already providing these services and here is what one patient had to say “I was very surprised at how well it went. It was extremely beneficial.” Completion of your treatment is vital for successful outcomes. We encourage you to utilize our Tele-health services and FEEL THE DIFFERENCE.


Contact us at 363-2494 for a FREE consult so we can properly assess if you would need an in-house or tele-health visit. 

03/27/2020: A message for our Clients & Community

How does Governor Bullock's stay-at-home orders affect Catalyst Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is considered as essential business, so we are still OPEN. Pain and injuries are never planned. As a community during this crisis, it is crucial that we do not overwhelm the healthcare system, particularly with Emergency Room visits. You may be unsure if physical therapy is safe at this time. Catalyst Physical Therapy wants to assure you that we are taking every safety precaution, and we are committed to keeping our team members and patients informed and safe.


With that being said, we are open for care. If you have an acute musculoskeletal injury such as a muscle spasm, sprain, or strain, or have chronic pain give us a call for highly skilled, compassionate care provided by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. We are able to offer tele-health, video and/or telephone consultations with a licensed Physical Therapist to determine if an in-house visit is necessary. In most cases, we can get you in for a same-day appointment.

Here are the extra safety precautions Catalyst Physical Therapy is taking to ensure a safe and clean treatment environment:

  1. We have asked our staff to stay home if they are not feeling well or they have been exposed to anyone who is sick in their household, to avoid spreading any form of illness. 

  2. If you are ill, please inform Catalyst Physical Therapy so we can transition you to tele-health and/or rescheduled your appointment for a future date.

  3. We are asking every patient a set of classifying questions at the start of treatment to identify any potential risk.

  4. We only have 2 Physical Therapists in our office at one time. This will help ensure physical distancing is maintained at all times.

  5. After each patient encounter, we are thoroughly washing our hands with soap and water.

  6. We are requiring each patient to use hand sanitizer or wash his/her hands immediately upon entering the clinic and before leaving our clinic. In addition, we have hand sanitizer positioned throughout the clinic for frequent use.

  7. After each patient encounter, we are cleaning and disinfecting the treatment area and equipment used.

  8. We are frequently disinfecting door handles, computer keyboards, phones, pens, light switches, faucets, etc.

  9. We are offering tele-health services to minimize physical interactions as much as possible


Thank you for your loyalty and for continuing to support Catalyst Physical Therapy and our community through these uncertain times. We will always continue to focus on helping everyone to FEEL THE DIFFERENCE as we navigate this difficult situation.

Sincerely ~ The Catalyst Physical Therapy Team