Concussion Management

Caleb Kemp, Doctor of Physical Therapy, recently completed his certification in concussion management through ImPACT Applications. He is the only ImPACT certified Concussion Rehabilitation Specialist in Hamilton, MT. Catalyst Physical Therapy now offers pre and post concussion assessments and provides a plan of care for the treatment of concussions.


Concussion is not limited to a trauma to the head or neck but truly a form of mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) which may manifest in multiple clinical presentations.

Symptoms may include:





Sensitivity to light, noise, and busy environments

Emotional changes


Academic difficulties

Vision changes


Difficulty with concentrating, remembering, and reading

Changes in sleep patterns

Increased symptoms with physical activity

Physical therapy MTBI examination and assessment is focused on:

Vestibular deficits

Neurocognitive deficits

Physical exertion and associated symptoms

Ocular-motor deficits

Rehabilitation interventions may include:

Sleep behavior management

Vestibular activities

Vision exercises

Symptom threshold monitored exertion

Cardiovascular activities

Cervical spine mobilization and proprioception training

Strengthening and endurance exercise for the cervical spine

Balance interventions


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