Catalyst Kinetics



"I really enjoyed Catalyst Kinetics program and it was a good idea for the Hamilton Girls Soccer Team!"

                                                                                      A.G. 8/16/2019

"Thank you so much  for coming and helping! I really like the beep test and jump training.. It was all really helpful! Please come back!"

                                                                                      M.M. 8/16/2019

" One of my favorite things was doing all of the conditioning drills and knowing that they are improving motor control. Would definitely love to do next year."

                                                                                      M.B. 8/16/19     

"I really enjoyed doing this conditioning! I loved the bands." 

                                                                                     R.B. 8/16/19

" I liked most of the stuff we did. Jumping was one of my favorite workouts".

                                                                                     A.B. 8/16/19

" I liked the jumps to strengthen our legs...overall I liked everything."

                                                                                     A.W. 8/16/19

Catalyst Kinetics is a group-style training program designed to provide young athletes the opportunity to improve overall athletic ability, while targeting specific needs of each participant. Participants will receive group and individualized training with the goal of improving athletic performance and aid in reducing the risk and severity of injury.